Prince Charles Releases Personal Statement: ‘Let Us...Acknowledge the Inexpressible Pain of Parting’

Prince Charles is calling on citizens of the U.K. to “take a moment together to remember those who have been lost” during the COVID-19 crisis in a recently released statement on Instagram.

On Tuesday, to mark the first anniversary of the first U.K. lockdown, the Prince of Wales joined the #NationalDayofReflection2021 to pay tribute to the thousands who have died throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The country was encouraged to pause today in remembrance of those who have lost their lives over the last twelve months. The nation-wide tribute was organized by the charity Marie Curie, of which Prince Charles is Patron. 

In the video message, the 72-year-old royal stated, “We have all been inspired by the resourcefulness we have witnessed, humbled by the dedication shown by so many, and moved, beyond words, by the sacrifices we have seen. Whatever our faith or philosophy may be, let us take a moment together to remember those who have been lost, to give thanks for their lives, and to acknowledge the inexpressible pain of parting.”

He continued, “In their memory, let us resolve to work for a future inspired by our highest values, that have been displayed so clearly by the people of this country through this most challenging of times.”

If you didn’t know, Prince Charles himself was diagnosed with COVID-19 last April. Clarence House announced the news in a statement, revealing that the 71-year-old had been displaying mild symptoms and was tested by the NHS in Aberdeenshire. Luckily, he was able to fully recover. 

A beautiful sentiment on a very sad day.

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