Prince William Says He Was ‘Quite Concerned’ and ‘Worried’ When He Learned About His Father’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

Prince William is speaking out about his father, Prince Charles’s, coronavirus diagnosis last month. 

On Friday, the Duke of Cambridge (along with his wife Kate Middleton) sat down for a rare remote interview with the BBC and opened up about first learning that his father had contracted the illness. 

“I have to admit at first I was quite concerned. He fits the profile of somebody—the age he is at, which is, you know, fairly risky,” William stated. “And so, I was a little bit worried. But my father has had many chest infections, colds and things like that over the years. And so I thought to myself, ‘If anybody’s going to be able to beat this it’s going to be him.’”

And while the 37-year-old was grateful his father had mild symptoms, he went on to say it was the self-isolating and not being able to leave the house that posed the biggest challenge for the Prince of Wales. “I think the hardest thing he found was having to stop and not be able to go and get a bit of fresh air and go for a walk,” he continued. “He’s a mad walker. He loves his walking. So I think he found it quite difficult...with his mental health, being stuck inside and not being able to go for walks.”

The duke also voiced his concerns for the more vulnerable people in the community, including Queen Elizabeth. “I think very carefully about my grandparents who are, you know, at the age they’re at, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that they’re isolated away and protected from this,” said William. “But it does worry me, what’s going to happen to a lot of the vulnerable people and the high-risk people who are going to potentially have to isolate away for quite some time and the impact that’s going to have on them and on families up and down the country having to do that.”

We’re just happy everyone seems healthy on the royal front.