Peter Weber’s Mom Explains Why He Still Lives with His Parents

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Interested in dating the newest Bachelor star, Peter Weber? Well, you should know that he’s guilty of one major dating red flag: He still lives with his mom and dad.

No, really. Weber’s parents—Barbara and Peter Sr.—appeared on a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with hosts (and former Bachelorettes) Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin.

During the segment, his mom revealed that they have an extremely close bond with Peter—so much so that the 28-year-old pilot still lives with them. We know what you’re thinking…Failure to Launch. However, Barbara confirmed that Peter isn’t taking advantage of them. (Phew!) Instead, it has everything to do with their close-knit relationship.

“First of all, we are a very, very close family. Very close…we’re basically one,” Barbara said. “We support each other in every which way, and we’re each other’s best friends, not just parents. We’re everything to each other.”

Barbara went on to address her Cuban heritage, adding, “In old time Cuba, the kids would be at home, and in their 20s they would get married, and they would still live at home. They would have children, and the grandparents…it was one big happy family. Everybody living at home, so contrary to what a lot of people say, like, ‘Can’t wait to get rid of the kids,’ our culture is a little bit different—and not that one is right, and one is wrong—we want to keep that family tie, that unity together. And that’s one of the reasons that Peter and my other son Jack are still living at home, because there’s no reason really to move out.”

Barbara also revealed that Peter’s work schedule isn’t ideal for owning/renting a place. Since he’s rarely home, his parents encouraged him to minimize real estate expenses in the meantime.

“I always tell him it’s best to save your money—which, he can buy a house tomorrow if he wanted it,” she continued. “Responsibly, he can do it, but I’m just looking for the right place for him when we do decide that he’s going to take that step.”

We just hope Weber’s future wife is OK with this. The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 6, on ABC.


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