‘Dirty John’ Fans, We’ve Found Your Next True-Crime Podcast

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We’re on a constant search for new podcasts to fill that gaping true-crime void in our lives. Anyone else?

Luckily, Wondery (the same network that produced both Dirty John and Dr. Death) has a new one, and it’s bound to be good. Called Over My Dead Body, it’s about a broken marriage…with a twist.

(The twist is murder, guys. In case you didn’t already guess.)

The first season (titled “Tally”) follows the story of Dan Markel, a law professor, and Wendi Adelson, his ex-wife. Markel was found dead in 2014, and even though connections were allegedly made to the Adelson family, other suspects were convicted—notably, all people of color. The podcast examines the repercussions of race, wealth and privilege as it follows the murder case.

Host Matt Shaer told Refinery29 that while it started out as a straightforward true-crime story, they decided to restructure the narrative to highlight the couple’s relationship. Per Shaer, “The first two episodes are just about this relationship,” but after that, everything quickly unravels.

Broken marriage? Homicide? Injustice in the courts? Queue it up, and quick.

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