Orlando Bloom Shared the Sweetest Birthday Tribute to Katy Perry on IG

Birthday wishes are in order for our favorite California girl, Katy Perry.

The pop star celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday, and to mark the occasion, her fiancé Orlando Bloom shared a romantic tribute on Instagram. In the photo, Perry is all smiles as she prepares to blow out her birthday candle. Meanwhile, the Lord Of The Rings actor is seen looking at her fondly. He wrote, "We do life, we do love and it's fun. I'll celebrate you today and every day. I love you."

The "Firework" singer marked her special day with a short clip from her most recent appearance as guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, adding a fun check list of her best moments. "A very productive 37 so far," she wrote. "Raced to kindness with @orion_monaco_jean (cc: @fireworkfoundation), got a daily dose of optimism from @michaeljwoodard and to stay 'hope full' (cc: @unsubrecords), danced like only a couple million folks were watching."

The festive posts come just two months after the couple celebrated another big birthday, when their daughter Daisy Dove turned one back in August. Perry tweeted, "One year ago today is the day my life began… Happy first Birthday my Daisy Dove, my love."

While the couple have been careful to keep images of their daughter off their social feeds, they've opened up about Daisy on a few occasions. For instance, when Perry appeared on On-Air With Ryan Seacrest in May, she said, "[Daisy is] crawling and she has one tooth. It's barely poked through, though. Actually, it's kind of, like, one of my teeth. Because I have pretty good teeth on the top, but if you were to actually see my bottom teeth, they're a little interesting. But I think that's character."  

The singer also revealed in her cover story for LVR Magazine that Daisy is "everything [she] was ever looking for" and described her as "adaptable and happy."

Sounds like Katy was in the best company for her birthday. Cheers to 37!

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