Melissa Joan Hart Is a Carbon Copy of Her Mom in Throwback IG Photo

Melissa Joan Hart's Instagram photo is taking us back to her early Clarissa days.

The teen sitcom star recently posted a throwback family pic of her siblings and parents, complete with colorful prairie dresses. In the caption, she wrote, "The early days! Just before Clarissa began, just before the divorce, just after our beloved Nanny died. Things change, but love stays the same!"

In the vintage pic, a much younger Melissa is seen with four of her siblings, including Emily Hart, Lizzie Hart Savage, Trisha Hart and Brian Hart. Behind them stand their parents, Paula and William Hart.

Fans were quick to notice the striking resemblance between Melissa and her lookalike mom. One commenter said, "I think you look a lot like your mother!" Another wrote, "You look so much like your mom and your youngest sister, three beautiful ladies. What a beautiful family photo."

But guys, even more surprising is the fact that William could pass for a younger Prince Charles. One follower said, "When I saw this picture on my Instagram, I didn't even realize @melissajoanhart had posted it. I instantly thought it was a picture of Prince Charles." TBH, we had the same thought.

Although Melissa has been keeping a relatively low profile these days, the actress has been busy working behind the scenes as a director. In fact, she has worked on shows like The Goldbergs, Young Sheldon and Schooled. Plus, in 2020, she partnered with Lifetime through her production company to work on three films. She told Glamour, "I love working with Lifetime. My directorial debut for a feature was their 2014 movie The Santa Con, so we had this great relationship. Every year they’d come to Hartbreak and say, 'What do you have now?'"

Sounds like Lifetime will have an impressive lineup in the near future!

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