Meet the Woman Who’s Helping Meghan Markle Turn into a Bonafide Royal

Imagine one day you’re plucked from an ordinary existence (probably watching You on Netflix) and thrust into British royalty. You’re going to need someone to whip you into royal shape.

Other than being our dream, it’s kind of Meghan Markle’s life story. (We’re being generous…but you get it.) Enter Samantha Cohen, the woman who’s been guiding Markle into duchess-dom. 

Cohen has been working at Buckingham Palace for 17 years. She started as the deputy press secretary before serving as the queen’s assistant private secretary. And when Meghan and Harry got engaged, she started advising Markle on “the Commonwealth and the workings of the monarchy,” according to The Times. And People reports that Cohen has been helping Markle “carve out her role” as a royal, mediating with the press and telling her to wear too-big shoes. (We kid.)

Alas, Cohen is reportedly retiring her role after the royal baby arrives in April. Meghan, are you hiring? We can think of a few candidates…


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