Applying for a Job with the Royal Family? Your Interview Could Take Place *Here*

As far as jobs go, working for the British royal family would definitely be up there. Not only would Queen Elizabeth be your boss, but there are plenty of perks (like free lunch). But even if you don’t snag the furniture conservator or head of learning gigs, there could still be a major silver lining.

According to the royal family’s career page, job interviews take place at any one of the royal residences. So if you land an interview, you could step foot in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, Sandringham Estate or even Clarence House.

As the page modestly points out, “This is nothing to be concerned about or daunted by. As well as being Royal Palaces, the buildings are also everyday work places. Although the surroundings may therefore be spectacular, you will find the people and the jobs to be quite normal.”

Normal? Palaces? We think not, but we’ll send in our CV nonetheless.


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