Apparently, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Threw Huge Parties at Kensington Palace Back in the Day

They’re kinda occupied with a newborn now, but rumor has it that back in the day (aka last year), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were the resident cool kids of the royal family.

According to a report from The Sun, the duke and duchess of Sussex “threw all-night parties” when they lived at Kensington Palace. Their old neighbor, French ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet, told the British tabloid, “It is so quiet here now that Harry and Meghan have left. They used to have fireworks, soirées that would go all night, friends and family coming and going. Now all we see and hear is the helicopters landing. It's boring now.”

Fireworks and all-night soirées? They sound like a fun bunch of people to be friends with, TBH. But you’ll recall that Harry and Meghan relocated from their residence at Kensington Palace (which they shared with Prince William and Kate Middleton) to Frogmore House in Windsor in April of this year. The historic home was given to the couple by Queen Elizabeth and is located about an hour outside London’s city center (and 50 minutes from the other half of the “Fab Four” by car).

The timing of the move makes a lot of sense, considering Baby Archie arrived about three weeks ago. The ten-bedroom home underwent a multimillion dollar renovation for the Sussex’s arrival, and has been in the family for 300-plus years. It’s quite the upgrade from their cozy two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage, and offers privacy for the new family of three to settle in sans public scrutiny. (And no, they’re not moving to Africa—yet.)

In any event, who’s to say Meghan and Harry aren’t throwing huge ragers at their new digs? Maybe it’s just so private that no one (but Archie) hears those fireworks going off.

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