Meghan Markle’s No. 1 Trick for Looking Photogenic While Pregnant

meghan markle photogenic pregnancy pose

As any pregnant (or formerly pregnant) lady knows: It's not easy to strike a figure-flattering pose when you've got a fetus the size of a bowling ball growing—and growing—in your stomach.

But leave it to Meghan Markle to school us all in how to look elegant and photogenic even while feeling bloated and tired and gross.

Her trick? It's all about keeping your hand, especially your fingers, relaxed while placing it ever-so-delicately on the lower part of your baby bump. In doing so, the Duchess of Sussex pulls off a natural resting position, but one that helps frame her shape. (After all, when you don't have a waist, the best you can do is create one yourself, right?)

And maternity bonus: This pregnancy pose also gives Meghan something non-awkward to do with her hands at all times. (Come on, hand placement is our Achilles' heel when it comes to looking natural in pics, pregnant or not.)

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