Video: Meghan Markle Just Revealed the Reason She and Harry Want to Keep the Baby's Gender a Surprise

Her skin-care routine, where she’s most likely going to have baby Sussex, even the meticulous care she takes of guests who visit her and Prince Harry’s Nottingham cottage: We know so much about Meghan Markle (some would say, too much…).

But the one thing we won’t know—until late April or early May, at least—is whether baby Sussex is going to be a boy or girl, and Markle just revealed why she isn’t saying a peep.

The duchess, who attended the Endeavour Fund Awards on Thursday night with Prince Harry, revealed the exact reason why she and Harry want to keep it a secret for as long as possible—and it’s actually very understandable.

In a video posted by royal fan Insta account @dukeandduchessofsussexdaily, Markle can be seen speaking with a woman at the event. The woman, most likely a guest at the awards, congratulates the duchess and asks if they know whether they are having a boy or girl.

“Oh, thank you! I know! We don’t know…” Markle can be heard replying. “Yes, we decided to keep it a secret,” Markle continues. “That way we’ll have something… And it’s one of those things, like, no matter what it is, it’s still going to be a surprise,” the duchess replies excitedly, and she looks like she’s genuinely beaming all over. 

As the duchess says “we’ll have something,” she makes a little gesture by pinching her fingers together and pulling her hand to her heart like she’s clutching something, and it almost seems like she’s trying to say that this is the one thing she and Harry can hold dear to themselves—the one thing they can keep private that’s just for the two of them.

No, those aren’t tears. We’re just, um, fighting back a sneeze is all…

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