Meghan Markle's Friends Anonymously Spoke Out and Here's What They Revealed

Like any Hollywood drama, Meghan Markle’s been the target of intense criticism and scrutiny (particularly by English tabloids) since marrying into the British royal family. But, unlike Hollywood, Markle is under strict royal rules to not speak directly to the press, give unapproved interviews or make comments not filtered by the palace.

What’s the next best thing to do, then? Enlisting her friends to speak out for her, which, judging by the new article published by People magazine, is exactly what happened.

Of course, Markle’s five close friends “who form an essential part of Meghan’s inner circle” who spoke to the publication could have acted on their own accord. And who knows how close these people, who asked to remain anonymous “to protect the private relationships they hold dear,” actually are to the duchess?

But something tells us Markle, who clearly reads the news about her and Prince Harry, and according to her friends, is aware of the reports about her—both positive and negative—wanted some say in the matter. (She is a former actress, after all, and was used to frequently giving interviews to the press and speaking her mind via her now-defunct blog The Tig.)

So what did these five people reveal? Pretty interesting info (besides the fact that the duchess is aware of the gossip surrounding her). They said the duchess cooks for herself and Prince Harry every day, so that’s sorta surprising. (We definitely thought they had palace cooks to do that.)

“We’ve all been to their cottage,” one of the friends told the magazine. “It’s small and she’s made it cozy, but the perception of their lifestyle and the reality are two different things. Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day.” And we know she makes a pretty scrumptious avocado toast, fresh-baked banana bread and a perfect roast chicken.

The Duchess of Sussex also enjoys being hostess to visitors.

“In the room she made up for me, there was a candle lit by the bed, slippers and a robe,” a friend of Meghan’s from L.A.told People. “We were the only two in the house. It was our time. She made the most lovely meals. She made tea every day. It was raining and muddy outside, so the dogs got all dirty, and she’s wiping them off with towels. How much she loves her animals, how much she loves her friends, how much she loves feeding you, taking care of you—none of that has changed."

“We could feel Meg’s energy,” says the confidante of her wedding day to Prince Harry. “The calm that she moves with. That’s how it felt because that’s how she and Harry are as a couple.” 

Further evidence we need to be invited over for tea, Sussexes. (For story research, obvi.)

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