The Sweet Reason Meghan Markle Was Crying in Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day

Blame it on her third trimester, or on the overwhelming situation of being around the entire royal family for the second time in one week... Whatever the case, cameras in Westminster Abbey caught Meghan Markle getting super teary-eyed during Commonwealth Day services. (Or is Prince Harry secretly chopping an onion?!)

The royal mama-to-be appears to tear up in the video below, but not because of Kate Middleton's eye-wateringly bright red Catherine Walker get-up. And, no, it's also not because she left her engagement ring at home (although, yeah, that happened). The real reason? Megs, who is almost eight months pregnant, was apparently listening to an a cappella version of Snow Patrol's "Run" performed by tenor Alfie Boe.


Start this video at the 43:17 mark to see Boe's performance, recorded for the BBC live stream of the event.

alfie boe commonwealth day

The singing must've been bonkers good (Boe has performed for the royal family before, most notably at the queen's 92nd birthday last year), because the duchess was moved to tears in her bespoke white Victoria Beckham dress and pillbox hat.

Awww, it's OK, Your Highness. Like the performer sang, Prince Harry will always be "right beside you, dear."


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