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Maya Rudolph Is Totally on Board for *This* Beauty Trend
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

In a world of bold lips and statement eye-liner, Maya Rudolph’s favorite beauty trend is one that lets the true you shine through. The comedienne revealed she’s a fan of the fake-freckle beauty trend because, as eye brow raising as it is, it celebrates individuality.

The Life of the Party star opened up about coming to appreciate her own freckles to Instyle and explained why the unique new beauty trend strikes her as a changing of the tides: “When I was growing up, my freckles made me think, ‘Oh my God, what’s wrong with me?’ I didn’t know anyone with freckles….I think the things we celebrate as adults are the things that make us feel singular when we’re kids. It’s funny—today when I look in the mirror, I don’t see my freckles. I’m used to the constellation on my face.”

Rudolph went on to reflect on the emerging trend and admitted that it would seem “shocking to [her] 8-year-old self.” She explained, “It’s so interesting to see that natural skin and freckles have become trendy when for years directors asked me to cover mine. I’ve seen tons of pictures of me over the years with them airbrushed out—without anyone having ever asked me.”

The SNL alum isn’t alone on the pro-freckles train. Meghan Markle and Christina Aguilera (sometimes) also make it a point not to hide their freckles with makeup.

If these beauties are to be trusted, then one thing’s for sure: Beauty trends come and go, but freckles are forever.

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