Marie Kondo Just Taught a 4-Year-Old How to KonMari His Toys—and We’re Impressed

It’s true: When it comes to organizing—and folding—we count ourselves KonMari converts. In other words, we now feel clear when it comes to what does (and does not) spark joy as we sort through our belongings.

But we’re adults. There’s no way we could get our still-too-little kids to ascribe to the same principles, right?

Not according to Marie Kondo. PureWow had the chance to catch up with Kondo while she was in New York City to promote her brand-new children’s book, Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship, which channels the organizing ideals of her original book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

So we decided to put her advice to the test with a real live 4-year-old, Conrad. In the video above, watch as he sorts through his own toys and decides what to keep, toss or donate. Kondo even teaches him her tried-and-true folding technique and it’s (mostly) a success.

After all, it’s not easy parting ways with toys that have become childhood mementos. But with Kondo’s help, Conrad finds a way to differentiate between his love of Buzz Lightyear (“It has lights and a laser!” Conrad explains to Kondo) and the fact that he’s ready to move on from a plastic school bus (“It’s a baby toy,” he reasons). And when it comes time to fold, Conrad isn’t completely lost (“I help my mom fold clothes at home”).

Marie, we’re impressed. We’ll also be adding your book to the regular bedtime rotation. 

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