Logan Allen Shares Details on ‘Sweet Magnolias’ (Including a Potential Season 2)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you have a million questions after watching that shocking finale of Sweet Magnolias, you should know that Logan Allen (who plays Kyle Townsend) is just as clueless as we are about what’s to come.

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PureWow recently sat down for an interview with the 15-year-old actor, who shared exclusive new details about the popular Netflix series. The season one finale ended on a dramatic cliffhanger after (spoiler alert!) Kyle crashed Ty’s car with an unidentified person in the passenger seat. But according to Allen, no one—not even the cast—knows what led to the accident.

“Believe it or not, the writers didn’t tell us anything. I don’t know what’s happening,” he told PureWow. “I’m pretty much in the same boat as you guys, but the finale definitely left us all speechless. So, I’m as anxious as you guys are for hopefully a second season.”

logan allen sweet magnolias

When asked about the possibility of Sweet Magnolias season two *crosses fingers*, Allen confessed that it hasn’t been renewed for another installment. However, he’s hopeful about the show’s future.

“I have not heard anything yet, but it has been number one on Netflix for like three days in a row now, which is just unbelievable,” Allen said.

The young actor also encouraged fans to spread the word about Sweet Magnolias, so the streaming service will have no choice but to develop another season. “If you guys really want that second season, even if you already watched the show once, watch it again. Tell your friends and family,” he continued. “It’s doing very, very well right now, but the more you watch it, the higher the chances that a second season is feasible.”

Your move, Netflix.


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