Everything We Know About Brooke Elliott (Including Deets on Her Netflix Series ‘Sweet Magnolias’)

She previously starred in 'Drop Dead Diva'

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Brooke Elliott is an actress and singer who is widely known for her starring role in Drop Dead Diva, but it’s not her only claim to fame. The celeb also played a Southern belle who loves to cook on the Netflix show Sweet Magnolias and has starred in many shows and movies and also appeared on Broadway.

We took a deep dive into her background to find out more about her childhood, her starring roles and her personal life.

So, who is Brooke Elliott? And what else has she starred in? Keep scrolling for details.

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1. Who Is Brooke Elliott?

Elliott was reportedly born in Fridley, Minn., which is north of Minneapolis. Throughout her childhood, her family moved to several states—including Missouri, Oklahoma and Illinois—before settling in Michigan. The 48-year-old actress always loved to sing, so it was no surprise when she graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance. 

Elliott has said she began entertaining as early as age 3. “I started off singing when I was really little,” she said. “We have old video tapes of me singing ‘You Light up My Life’ at 3 years old,” she told The News Herald.

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2. What TV Shows and Movies Has Brooke Elliott Starred In?

Elliott's first film appearance was in 2000’s What Women Want opposite Mel Gibson. However, her breakout role was on Lifetime’s popular series Drop Dead Diva, which ran from 2009 to 2014. (Elliott played Jane Bingum, a model who tragically dies then comes back to life as a lawyer.) 

Elliott has also appeared in a number of TV movies, like Furst Born and Crazy Wonderful. She currently stars as Dana Sue in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias, which launched in 2020 and tells the story of three South Carolina women who own a spa together. Aside from Sweet Magnolias, her most recent TV appearances include Dolly Parton's Heartstrings and A Country Christmas Harmony.

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3. What Is Sweet Magnolias?

The show is based on Sherryl Woods’s book series of the same name. It takes place in the small town of Serenity, South Carolina, and follows three women—Dana Sue (Elliott), Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and Helen (Heather Headley)—who have been best friends since they were kids. Elliott’s character is described as a strong-willed chef.

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4. What Other Projects Has Brooke Elliott Been Involved In?

Elliott’s career began on the Broadway stage in 2003, when she starred as Sue in Taboo. She went on to appear in 2007’s The Pirate Queen before joining national tours for Wicked and Beauty and the Beast the following year.

Of course, her musical talents have benefited her acting career. Although Elliott hasn’t released any music of her own, she has recorded soundtracks for Broadway and Drop Dead Diva.

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5. What Is Brooke Elliott's Net Worth?

Elliott is worth a reported $5 million. The majority of her income stems from her successful acting/Broadway career.


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