Billy Eichner Stars in ‘The Lion King’ with Beyoncé, but Here’s Why He Never Met Her

In our mind, working with Beyoncé is on par with having a slumber party at Buckingham Palace (but with more leotards and vegan food). Sadly, even though comedian Billy Eichner starred alongside the 37-year-old Grammy winner in the upcoming Lion King live-action remake, he never quite got to live that dream.

In fact, the 40-year-old comedian admitted he’s never actually met Beyoncé.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Eichner quipped when asked about his relationship with Queen Bey, “I have had no direct contact nor should I because I’m not worthy of being in her presence.”

How? Why? Holy missed opportunities, you might be thinking. But there’s actually a good reason Eichner and Yoncé never got to hang.

“I don’t have many scenes with [Beyoncé] in the movie,” the American Horror Story star explained. “We only exchange a few lines, but me, Seth Rogen and Donald Glover, we all recorded together. We recorded ‘Hakuna Matata’ together. Seth and I did ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ together before Beyoncé and Donald [came] in.”

Although the Parks and Recreation alum isn’t besties (yet) with Beyoncé, he can confirm she brought her A-game when recording her rendition of the Elton John classic, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

“I’m telling you, it’s f***ing good,” he recently said on the Keep It podcast. “Honestly, it made me cry. I was not expecting that.”

During the Us Weekly interview, he clarified, “I think a lot of people are going to cry. It’s a beautiful movie.” If it’s anything like the original, our tears are guaranteed.

Emotions aside, Billy, if you’re reading this, your Lion King premiere mission is to meet and befriend Beyoncé. Oh, and report back.

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