Lindsay Lohan Joins TikTok and Shocks Fans with the Pronunciation of Her Last Name

TikTok is good for a lot of things, whether we're gathering interior design inspo or learning the latest fashion and beauty hacks. And recently, the video-sharing app has helped us learn the correct pronunciation of people's names.

Last June, we were stunned when Alicia Silverstone went on TikTok to reveal that her name is pronounced “Ali-see-yah” and not “Alee-sha.” Now, another star has shocked us all. Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan recently joined the platform and in her first video, she casually revealed that her last name is pronounced differently than we expected, as pointed out by People.

“Hey everyone, it's Lindsay Lohan,” she said in her inaugural Tok. “And guess what? Now I'm on TikTok.” In the caption, the 35-year-old actress wrote, “I’m on Tiktok Now! #imontiktoknow.”

As the Freaky Friday star introduced herself, we were stopped in our tracks when we heard her last name. Instead of pronouncing it “Low-han,” it turns out the actual pronunciation is “Lo-wen.”

We weren't the only ones who were shocked, either. In the comments of the video, which received over 200k likes, many fans had similar reactions. “Lindsay...Lowen?” one person commented, which got over 45k likes. Another user jokingly wrote, “U pronounced ur name wrong,” while another said, “I'm sorry I've said your name wrong my entire life.” Wow, we had no idea.

Besides joining TikTok and blowing our minds, Lohan also has an exciting new project on the way, as she's set to star in a Netflix Christmas movie this year, titled Falling for Christmas, alongside Glee's Chord Overstreet. At least when this movie eventually rolls around, we'll know how to say Lindsay's surname correctly.

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