Leonardo DiCaprio Dove into a Frozen Lake to Rescue His Dogs While Filming in Boston

From the sound of it, Leonardo DiCaprio is more than just a star on screen.

While chatting with his Don't Look Up cast members during an episode of Around the Table for Entertainment Weekly, DiCaprio told a story about how he saved his two Siberian Huskies when they fell into a frozen lake.

The filming for Don't Look Up took place in Boston, and while there, DiCaprio had his rescue dogs along with him, and they apparently caused many hijinks while there, particularly in this one instance.

“Basically, they both fell on a frozen lake,” DiCaprio said. “I didn't understand what you do in a frozen lake.” Co-star Jennifer Lawrence then clarified the story, saying, “One of the dogs fell in, he jumped into the frozen lake to save the dog and as soon as he pushed the one dog out of the pond, the other one jumped in.”

DiCaprio added, “Well the other one started licking the one that was drowning, and then we all were in the frozen lake together.”

To finish the story, Lawrence made sure to say, “And I'm sure you guys are all wondering, I was too—he immediately got naked in the car.”

The rest of the group joked about Leo's dogs, with director Adam McKay calling them full on “tornadoes” and Jonah Hill saying, “They thrive in chaos.” McKay also said to DiCaprio, “Jonah would just send me pictures of your ripped apart couch.”

It sounds like there was no shortage of entertainment while filming Don't Look Up. We're just glad that superhero Leo was able to save the dogs.

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