Lady Gaga Was the Epitome of Class When She Held SZA’s Dress at the Grammys

Lady Gaga may have gone home with a Grammy at last night's ceremony, but her true shining moment was when she extended a classy gesture to fellow singer SZA.

It all happened when Doja Cat and SZA won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (a category in which Gaga was also nominated). Due to a torn ligament in her foot, SZA used crutches as she made her way to the stage. And true to form, Lady Gaga immediately knelt to the ground and collected the train of SZA's Jean Paul Gaultier gown and held it as SZA made her way to the mic. (The moment can be seen 20 seconds into the video below.)

Besides Lady Gaga's supportive move, the award caught everyone's attention because Doja Cat nearly missed her opportunity to accept it.

As SZA made her way to the stage, her singing partner was seen running up to greet her. It was later revealed that she had to make a bathroom run right before the winner was supposed to be announced. “Listen—I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life,” Doja Cat jokingly said.

The artist started to get a little emotional, adding, “I like to downplay a lot of sh*t, but this is a big deal.” With their win for “Kiss Me More,” it ended up being the first Grammy for both SZA and Doja Cat.

Totally deserved. (And Lady Gaga's gesture only made the moment better.)

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