Doja Cat Almost Missed the Opportunity to Receive Her Grammy—Here’s Why

At the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, Doja Cat and SZA ended up winning one of the final awards of the night, when they took home the prize for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit song, “Kiss Me More.” However, when the time came for the artists to make their way to the stage, Doja Cat was nowhere to be seen.

As it turns out, the R&B singer needed to run to the bathroom right before the award was supposed to be handed out, so she nearly missed the chance to accept it. Luckily though, she ran up to the stage at the last minute.

SZA, who walked to the stage on crutches due to a torn ligament, joked about Doja's bathroom run, saying, “Bro, you went to the bathroom for five minutes—are you serious?” Once she arrived, the Planet Her artist then explained the situation, saying, “Listen: I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life.” She then pretended to fix her dress, which elicited laughs out of the audience.

In the speech (seen in the video above), Doja Cat followed the comical moment by expressing her gratitude. She said, “Thank you, I really appreciate it. Thank you to everybody—my family, my team. I wouldn't be here without you and I wouldn't be here without my fans.”

She also thanked her co-artist, SZA, by adding, “SZA, you are everything to me. You are incredible, you're the epitome of talent, you're a lyricist, you're everything.” SZA then gave her own thanks and said to Doja, “I'm glad you made it back in time.”

We're glad she made it back in time too. Congrats, you two!

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