We’ll Never Listen to ‘Let It Go’ the Same Way After Kristen Bell’s Walk of Fame Speech

Kristen Bell just gave a memorable speech during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, and there’s no way we’re letting it go. (Sorry, had to.)

Earlier today, the 39-year-old actress received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside her Frozen co-star Idina Menzel. During the event, Bell delivered a speech that completely changed our outlook on the movie’s hit song, “Let It Go.”

Bell began with a classic joke about the well-deserved honor. “I’m so grateful to be accepting this award on these hallowed streets where Pretty Woman sold her body for money,” she said, according to E! News. “It’s really a dream.”

The actress went on to thank her good friend Cher, who supported her early on in her career. The 73-year-old singer even taught Bell an important life lesson, which she now calls “the Cher test.”

“If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter,” Cher told Bell.  

Although Bell doesn’t think her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would pass “the Cher test,” that didn’t stop The Good Place star from offering a hypothetical scenario that would make it all worth it.

“This star will really only know its true value when inevitably someone is mugged in that very spot and as they clutch their purse, the assailant screams, ‘Let it go!’ And the victim will look up and say, ‘That’s not even her song, you son of a b****,’” Bell said. “Only then will I know that I’ve truly made it.”

She must have put some serious thought into this.


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