Jameela Jamil Says Tahani’s Name-Dropping Is ‘On Steroids’ in the Final Season of ‘The Good Place’

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Say it ain’t so! We’re midway through the final season of The Good Place on NBC and here’s the truth: Frankly, we’re not ready to let it go.

Specifically, we’re going to miss Jameela Jamil and the energy, joy and, ahem, attitude she brings to her character Tahani week after week. That’s why PureWow was thrilled to catch up with Jamil for an exclusive chat about her partnership with Credit Karma and their new Credit Karma Savings program, which provides free high-yield savings accounts in the U.S. with no minimum deposit to open and no fees.

While we had her, of course we had to ask about what we can expect from Tahani as the show winds down. Jamil had this to say about her character: “Tahani is going through quite an emotional journey,” she says. “We’re going to see some really interesting stuff going back into her life with her family, but I think we see her truly evolve in this final season.”

And Jamil is quite content with her character’s arc. “I’m really happy with where we end up and how we say goodbye to her. I think it’s such a perfect journey. This [season] is her final step to getting all of the dickhead out of her.”

As for Tahani’s affinity for name-dropping? “Her name-dropping is on steroids this season,” Jamil laughs. “I actually believe it gets worse than ever, so I don’t know what to think about that.”

Preparing ourselves to laugh out loud—and cry just a touch—as we get ready to say goodbye.

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