Jameela Jamil Did Her Own Makeup for the Emmy Awards and Tahani Would Be So Proud

jameela jamil at the emmy awards 2020

To be honest, red carpet looks are rarely relatable, but Jameela Jamil is out to change that. Always one for keeping it real, Jamil was talking with Zanna Roberts Rassi and E! News on the red carpet about filming the final season of The Good Place when she revealed that not only did she do her own makeup while shooting, but she'd actually done her own makeup for the award show, too. 

Jamil told Rancic she was frustrated that the women on the series had such early call times for hair and makeup while the men typically spent only half an hour in the chair. So she went to the producers and, in Jamil's words, asked, "How ugly do you think I am? I can do my own makeup in 30 minutes." Way to put them in their place, girl.

It appears that she took that can-do attitude with her even after the show wrapped, as she also did her own gorgeous red lip and perfectly flicked cat-eye eyeliner for Emmys night. Although, we really shouldn't be surprised. This is the woman who wore jeans to the Golden Globes, after all.

We love how simple and classic she kept her beauty look for the big night, and we're even happier that we can recreate the look ourselves (though, we might need Jamil to share her best tips for getting that crisp, clean eyeliner flick).

Jamil also described her surprisingly emotional response to ending her role as Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place. 

"I cried my face off and I never thought I would because I'm English because I'm dead and cold inside, but it really hit me when [creator of the show, Mike Schur] walked towards me and said that's a series wrap; this man found me from nowhere plucked me from obscurity. I had never acted before. He gave me the chance of my lifetime," she explained. All we have to say about that is we're forking glad Schur brought Jamil into our lives.

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