Kristen Bell’s (Attempted) Home Workout Will Have Every Pet Parent Saying ‘Same’

“It’s cool, I didn’t actually want to do this Zoom pilates class right now,” is what we tell our cat, dog, *insert other four-legged friend* when they’ve decided RIGHT NOW is the best time to solicit pets. And we think Kristen Bell probably feels the same way.

The 39-year-old Good Place star recently shared a video of her attempted at-home workout on her Instagram story, and while we’re impressed at her tricep dips, we’re even more impressed that she can do them with (we’re guessing) a 40-pound pooch on her lap.

kristen bell dog workout 1

“It’s so much easier to workout with a partner,” she captioned the video, which shows the sweet white dog perched on her lap.

In the second clip, which reads “I love my dog,” the dog starts licking her face, which is totally not distracting at all, right? (In the dog’s defense, he looks like a very good boy otherwise.)

kristen bell dog workout 2

We’re not sure which pup this is, as it seems Bell is dog-mom to multiple pets. Last year, she shared that she had adopted a senior dog, in addition to her Welsh Corgi-Chow Chow rescue, Lola.

Bell, a vegetarian, is known for her animal advocacy: In the past, she’s worked with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and has adopted all her dogs through various humane societies and animal centers.

In any case, we’re sure Fido just wants to get in on the action. Or he wants treats. Can you blame him?

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