Kristen Bell Shares Rare Picture of Daughters, and Their Sense of Style Is Just as Quirky as Hers

39-year-old Kristen Bell is known for her effortlessly cool, somewhat out-there sense of style. And it seems like the apples (her two daughters) don’t fall far from the tree.

Over the weekend, the Good Place star shared an Instagram photo of daughters Lincoln (7) and Delta (5), a rare event in and of itself. “My daughters love to pick flowers and weeds in our neighborhood,” Bell wrote in the caption, “and are constantly putting them in vases all around the house (they are big fans of @kristengvy). Today we went, in masks, to our local flower shop and the girls made bouquets.”

In the pic, Lincoln is sporting a T-shirt that says “RACE FAN” in multi-colored letters (likely in support of dad Dax Shepherd’s race car obsession) with denim shorts and printed purple ankle socks. Delta is wearing a floral printed dress that looks like it could be found in Bell’s own wardrobe. Is it too early to say they take style cues from Mom? Maybe. But we love it—and their masks—nonetheless.

Bell and Shepherd have been notoriously private about their children, and while they’ve been posting more and more images of the two, they always strategically cover their faces with emojis and stickers.

And when one commenter criticized Bell’s decision to hide her daughter’s faces in this particular post, the actress offered some clarity: “We cover our kids faces because a. It’s a security risk when people come up to them in public and know their names, and b. We are not sure if they will be really shy or not,” she responded. “If they are, perhaps they won’t like that millions of people have tracked their childhood. We are protecting them as parents, not celebrities.”

She’s always full of useful advice, no?

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