In More Sensible Celeb Mom News: Kristen Bell Puts Emojis Over Her Kids’ Faces

Just because Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard live a large portion of their lives in the spotlight, doesn’t mean they want their kids to. Talking about them is always fair game, but showing their faces? That’s a no-go.

In fact, the couple is notorious for vehemently protecting their two daughters, Lincoln (7) and Delta (5), from the paparazzi (one time Bell even confronted a man and asked him to delete images he took of the girls outside of their school). And unlike other famous moms, the Good Place star rarely posts pictures of her children online. However, for those must-share moments, she has a way of getting around her own ‘no photos’ rule.

Her go-to trick? Covering their faces with emojis. We’ve seen the 39-year-old actress do this a handful of times of social media, especially now as the girls are getting older.

Bell recently shared an empowering post featuring her mini-mes (seriously, they all have the same haircut) in honor of Mother’s Day.

She also wanted to let her followers know how homeschooling is going.

And we can’t forget the time Delta claimed to have made a major medical breakthrough.

Emojis over the face: simple and effective. Now that’s what we call one smart mama.