Kristen Bell Encourages Instagram Followers to Adopt Senior Dogs and Where Do We Sign Up?

Kristen Bell is one busy lady. She stars on two TV shows (The Good Place and Veronica Mars) and is a mom to two daughters and a Game of Thrones enthusiast. But she still manages to find time for her fur babies.

The actress and philanthropist has been very vocal in the past about her passion for pets (and, um, sloths), especially fostering and adopting them. And now the actress took to Instagram to encourage more people to adopt, don't shop.

Sharing an adorable snap of a brown-eared pup, Bell captioned the photo: "Eyes are overrated, cuz you dont even need em to snuggle." She then hashtagged the photo #adoptseniordogs #adoptdontshop. Aww

While it's unclear if this means that the actress has added another furry member to her family (she's already mom to Lola), we love her sweet message.

In a recent video for Wallis Annenberg PetSpace (a community service and pet adoption center that includes veterinary care and animal education), Bell explained why she's such a fan of adopting over purchasing new dogs.

"I chose to adopt as opposed to go to a breeder because I wanted a family member not a handbag," she said. "I felt like it should be less about the purchase and more about connecting with someone who also needs some companionship. I think a lot about all the animals that are in the pounds right now that don’t have homes that are put down because people don’t rescue enough. And I wanted to save a life.”

Hear, hear.