You Won’t Believe What King Charles’s Coffee Mug Says...

As the new monarch of the U.K., King Charles III has taken on a slew of official duties, but that doesn't mean he can't still have a little fun too. The king recently stopped by an episode of The Repair Shop, a British reality series that follows craftsmen as they restore various heirlooms and historical artifacts. And during his appearance, we couldn't help but notice a personalized item that the royal brought along with him.

In a still from the episode, King Charles was seen taking a stroll with host Jay Blades, and each carried a mug inscribed with special letters. Blades’s mug had a “J” to represent his first name, while King Charles carried an “HRH” mug for “His Royal Highness.”

This moment was pointed out on the Instagram for the Royally Obsessed podcast, where they said, “King Charles III sporting an 'HRH' mug alongside 'The Repair Shop' host Jay Blades. [laughing emoji] [tea cup emoji].”

Royal followers loved this, like one user who joked that it was “Major ‘Worlds Best Boss’ mug energy.” Another commented, “And now I need one of these mugs.”

During his appearance, His Royal Highness asked the experts to repair two antiques—a piece of pottery made for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and an 18th Century clock.

In the clip, we get various quotes from the king, including one moment where he says to an expert, “I've seen the difference we can make.” Meanwhile, in another instance, the monarch excitedly awaits the unveiling of the restored antiques, and he says, “Have you sorted this? The suspense is killing me.”

King Charles III.
Kirsty O'Connor/Pool/Getty Images

This special episode of The Repair Shop is set to air on October 26 on the BBC.

But King Charles certainly isn't the first royal to appear on TV. In fact, just a couple weeks back, Princess Diana's younger brother, Charles Spencer, appeared on Secrets of the Dead: Archaeology at Althorp, where archaeologists explored a major find that was discovered on Spencer's estate.

We think Michael Scott would approve of that mug, Charles.

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