King Charles Just Made a Significant Change to How He Shares Messages on Social Media

In the past week, King Charles III has made a significant change to the personal messages that he shares on social media, deciding to give them his own stylistic spin.

Whenever the late Queen Elizabeth II would share personally-penned messages to Twitter or Instagram, the notes would be typed on a dark blue background with the royal coat of arms situated in the bottom left corner. And up until this past week, all the messages from King Charles had used the same format. That was until the monarch made a post last week to the people of New Zealand.

“I have long admired the strength and resourcefulness of New Zealanders, and I send my thoughts and prayers to all those who are supporting response and recovery efforts,” the king wrote in response to recent flooding in the country. The monarch also included a message written in Māori, which translates to “Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.”

Along with this thoughtful message, King Charles debuted a brand-new social media template, with has a cream-colored background featuring the royal crest lightly visible to the right and a navy blue border. We saw a similar design in a new post just yesterday, which was made in honor of Waitangi Day.

Up until now, the king has been using the graphics established by his late mother (as seen below). But, we're not surprised that King Charles wanted to establish something as his own.

Not too long into his tenure as monarch, King Charles III debuted a new cypher, which featured his initials: “C.R.” And we learned last fall that the royal's face is being printed on U.K. currency as we speak (but the bank notes won't be in full circulation until mid-2024).

We're loving this new design, Charles.

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