Called It: Villanelle Is Totally in Love with Eve on ‘Killing Eve’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Watching the Killing Eve season two premiere last night, we couldn’t help but wonder: When is this (blood) lust between Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodi Comer) going to blow up?

The strange romantic tension between Eve and Villanelle has been present since season one and culminated in the final moments of the finale when they almost hooked up. (Eve stabbed Villanelle instead.) And in the season two premiere—just as expected—their mutual fascination takes a turn.

Thirty seconds after stabbing Villanelle, Eve seems overcome by regret. So much so that she binges on candy (like, seriously binges), acts so erratically a woman mistakes her for a junkie, almost gets on a plane with a bloody knife, and then lies to Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) about having seen Villanelle. Things get even more complicated when she finds Villanelle’s blood under her nails while cooking dinner for her husband and has a meltdown in the bathtub.

Of course, a person who is not by nature a murderer might react like this after potentially killing someone. But the way she tells Carolyn she has “no feelings” about Villanelle and refuses to talk to her husband, Niko (Owen McDonell), about what transpired in Paris are telling. Her feelings are more complicated than she wants to admit.

Meanwhile, Villanelle is convinced that Eve stabbing her was a testament to how much they love each other. She calls Eve her “girlfriend” when she chats with a fellow hospital patient about her stab wound, saying, “She did it to show me how much she cares about me…Sometimes when you love someone you will do crazy things.”

We all know Villanelle is unhinged, but this is one instance where she might not be completely untethered to reality. And while her and Eve’s creepy bond is compelling to watch on screen, we can’t help but worry about how this will turn out for Eve…or Niko.

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