‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Sometimes Love Makes You Do Crazy Things

The last time we saw Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodi Comer), the former had just stabbed the latter in the stomach…right as they were about to get, um, intimate. Now, we’re picking back up 30 seconds later with season two.

Is Villanelle alive? You bet she is, and more psychopathic than ever.

eve polastri leaving paris
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Moments after Eve stabs Villanelle, she flees, leaving Eve alone in her lavish apartment with a bloody knife. As Eve slinks out, she notices spies dressed as ambulance workers arrive on the scene and shoot Villanelle’s neighbor. She immediately hides and hurries off when the coast is clear.

She receives a call from Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) who says she knows where Eve is and that she needs to come back to London. Carolyn hangs up so quickly she doesn’t hear Eve say, “I think I might have killed her.”

But Villanelle definitely isn’t dead. Instead, she’s walking around Paris with an enormous stab wound and stealing alcohol from a homeless man to dull the pain.

villanelle with a stab wound
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Meanwhile, Eve is stress eating candy and about to get on a train back to London when she realizes she has a potential murder weapon in her pocket that she kinda sorta needs to get rid of. She disposes of it in the bathroom and goes to get a drink where a woman mistakes her for a junkie because she’s acting so skittish.

Villanelle has some issues of her own to attend to (aka a gaping wound). She jumps in front of a taxi, so the driver thinks he’s the reason she’s gushing blood. He rushes her to the hospital and leaves her on the sidewalk. When she wakes up several hours later, a male nurse tells her she’s been stitched up and that the knife thankfully didn’t penetrate any organs. He’s inclined to call the police about her little situation, but she convinces him her husband did it and he’ll kill her if he finds out where she is. So, he agrees not to call the cops but says he can’t guarantee the next nurse will feel the same way when his shift ends. Villanelle resolves to leave ASAP and befriends the man in the bed next to her.

They exchange stories about their injuries. She tells him she was stabbed by a woman, explaining, “She did it to show me how much she cares about me…Sometimes when you love someone you will do crazy things.”

eve polastri in bathtub
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In London, Eve is doing even more crazy things. She chops up enough vegetables to feed an army while chugging wine and blasting music. When her husband, Niko (Owen McDonell), comes home, she tells him she wanted to make him dinner to apologize for being a jerk and running away on a work trip. The only problem? The chicken she thinks is nearly done is still in the fridge and she has Villanelle’s blood under her nails. She tells him she got fired so they can go “back to being normal,” but soon she’s sobbing in her bathtub and doing a poor job of pretending she’s “fine.”

Villanelle is on the same track. With the help of her new friend, she procures a doctor’s lab coat, ID, and—much to her dismay—Crocs. She pilfers as many drugs as she can and is about to leave when she comes upon an unattended purse and tries to steal it. But, the owner comes back and assumes she’s the doctor. She tells the wife of a clearly dying man that his condition is improving…then steals her wallet. She returns to her room and asks her new friend for money before passing out onto the ground.

Eve also finds herself in a bind. After ignoring Carolyn’s calls for far too long, she finally meets her in the park for a frank conversation. Eve tells her she went to find Villanelle, but that she didn’t. (Um, lying about finding a sociopath? Interesting.) When Carolyn asks if she has any ideas or feelings about where she went, Eve pointedly responds, “No, no feelings.

They leave, and Carolyn tells Eve MI6 is sweeping Villanelle’s apartment and that, oh, she’s hired again.

villanelle in the hospital
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Back in the hospital, Villanelle wakes up the next morning and asks her new friend if he has any clothes to lend her. He has some pretty snazzy superhero pajamas she can borrow if she takes a glimpse at his wounds and tells him how bad they are. She doesn’t mince words. His injuries are very bad. When he asks her later that morning if she’s concerned her “girlfriend” will stab her again, she says she knows her better now, better than she knows herself. And then, in true Villanelle fashion, she puts him out of his misery and snaps his neck.

eve polastri and caroline
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Later, Carolyn takes Eve to a morgue where they get a good glimpse at a dead man named Allister Peel. Apparently, Nadia (Olivia Ross), Villanelle’s former spy cohort, slipped a note under her prison cell door addressed to Eve with the name Allister Peel. She has no idea who he is but she’s smart enough to guess that Villanelle killed him. How? She injected an air bubble into his bloodstream while he got his weekly pedicure.

But soon Eve grows tired of Carolyn’s games and asks why she’s here, why Carolyn was sleeping with Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and whose side she’s on. She shoots it right back to Eve, asking, “Why are you and Villanelle so interested in each other?” Carolyn states the obvious and tells Eve that she’s the only one who can find Villanelle, whether she likes it or not.

eve polastri killing eve
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At home that evening, Niko tells Eve he’s been thinking, and he knows she needs to solve this case. And while he supports her decision, he needs to know what’s going on. Instead of telling him the truth about Villanelle, she tells him she bought a ton of really expensive windows from a telemarketer, which is technically the truth, but not the one he’s asking for.

That night, Eve and Villanelle lie awake thinking of each other, which can only mean one thing: Things are about to get even more chaotic.

Killing Eve season two, episode two returns next Sunday, April 14, at 8/7 c on BBC America and AMC.

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