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In season one of Killing Eve, Villanelle (Jodi Comer) and Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) were hell-bent on finding and killing one another. In the new season two trailer for the hit BBC drama, it looks like things are a little more complicated this time around. 

The season one finale showed Eve stabbing Villanelle in her Parisian apartment, but not before the two engaged in a strangely titillating game of cat and mouse…if the cat bought the mouse designer clothes and tried to hook up with her.

In the new season two trailer, Eve thinks she killed Villanelle. But when it becomes clear she’s still very much alive and more dangerous and psychopathic than ever, a shift occurs in Eve. Is it longing? Is it regret? Or is it an obsession with figuring the murderer out once and for all?

Just listen to the intonation of Eve’s voice when Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) asks if she has “any feelings” about where Villanelle might be. She responds that she has no “feelings,” and the word is dripping in meaning. Not only that, but she looks upset when she tells Carolyn she may have killed Villanelle. And then there’s that brief scene where Eve and Villanelle appear to be on other sides of a hotel room door. Is Eve protecting Villanelle because she has feelings for her or just trying to beat her at her own game?

Regardless, we can all agree tangoing with mass killers is never a good idea. 

Killing Eve season two premieres Sunday, April 7, at 8/7 p.m. central on BBC America and AMC. 

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