Kelly Ripa Nearly Takes a Tumble Seconds Before ‘Live’ Starts—& Her Heels Are Entirely to Blame

Kelly Ripa is no stranger to wearing tall heels. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely mastered the art of walking in them. Especially, when she has to step into a new pair first thing in the morning for Live with Kelly and Ryan.

On Tuesday, the producers of the morning show shared a behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram of Ripa and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, leaving their dressing rooms and walking down the hallway towards the Live stage. “Tune in now! We’re live!” the caption read. However, unlike the usual pre-show clips, this time we couldn’t help but notice that the 50-year-old TV personality had a bit of trouble walking in her shiny gold pumps.

In the video, we see Ripa (looking chic in her Isabel Marant Dress) stumble while she walks towards the camera. Luckily, she manages to catch her balance and regain her footing. And we clearly weren’t the only ones who noticed, because it wasn’t long before a handful of followers pointed out the almost-tumble in the comments section of the post.

“It wasn’t Ryan that slipped it was Kelly,” one user responded to a comment stating that Seacrest was the one who stumbled. Another added, “Careful! You can't go to ER now! Carry those shoes to the stage,” while a third quipped, “Slipping, part of my daily routine.”

We give you a lot of credit, Kelly. Maybe the fan suggestion of carrying those babies to the stage isn't such a bad idea.

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