Kelly Ripa Calls Out Golden Bachelor on Live TV: ‘You Dropped the L Word on More Than One Woman’

She went there

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Kelly Ripa didn’t hold back on grilling The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner (in a fun way, of course). And we are *here* for it. 

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This week, Turner, 72, appeared on an episode of Live with Kelly and Mark to chat with Ripa, 53, and her husband, Mark Conseulos, about the highly anticipated The Golden Bachelor finale on November 30. (Unfortunately, there won’t be an episode on Thanksgiving.) 

Turner also discussed the most recent episode, where he visited the final three’s hometowns and met their families. It didn’t take long for Ripa to demand answers on why Turner told two different ladies that he loves them.

In the episode (see above), Ripa jokingly called out Turner for committing a major Bachelor no-no. “You did this thing that we've watched so many Bachelors before you do,” she said. “You dropped the ‘L’ word on more than one woman.”

Turner playfully replied, “There’s a certain Bachelor tradition that you need to keep alive with every season.”

Still, Ripa wasn’t satisfied with his answer. “What happened?” she added. “Did you just get carried away? Or did you actually fall in love with more than one woman?”

Turner proceeded to share his perspective, saying, “I think it’s fair to say that I actually fell in love with those women. But that’s not the same as realizing that one of the three of them, by the end of the journey, is the one person that you can’t live without.”

He continued, “With each of those women, they had such wonderful personalities. They were each different and unique in their own way. I also know there was only one by the end of it, clearly, is the one I couldn’t live without.”

What an answer. 

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