Kelly Ripa Totally Changed Up Her Hair for ‘Live’ Yesterday

Kelly Ripa loves to change her hairstyle every now and then. Whether she’s rocking a pink short-cut bob or jet black bangs, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host likes to mix it up a little. Yesterday, she decided to deviate from her classic middle part and try something new(ish).

The show’s producers posted a short clip from the latest episode of Live on Instagram and we luckily got a glimpse of Kelly's changed-up hairstyle.

In the video, special guest Lily Collins played against Ryan Seacrest in a trivia competition called the HollyWORD game. They had to fill in the missing letters of each movie title on a board and guess the film (while also being timed).

That’s when viewers got a chance to see Ripa’s new ‘do. While rocking a chic side part (instead of her usual middle part), the actress donned a white mid-sleeve top that was buttoned up to the collar. She tied the look together with an ankle-length floral skirt and hot pink shiny heels.

Ripa has done similar hair experimentation in the past. Last October, the All My Children alum sported a side part for two straight days in a row. While this may seem like a minor change, Ripa fans can always spot when she switches things up. But, will this change be permanent? If history is any indication, we'll be back to that iconic middle part in no time.

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