Kelly Ripa Says She Just Did the ‘Strangest Thing I've Ever Done’ for Her Show ‘Live’ (& Yeah, It’s Weird)

There’s no denying that hosting one of the most popular morning shows in the world is no easy feat. So, we simply couldn’t imagine all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Lucky for us, Kelly Ripa just gave us a sneak peek into how she prepared for today’s episode. And it’s totally not what we expected.

On Monday night, the 50-year-old television personality shared a few photos on her Instagram Story teasing Tuesday’s installment of Live. The first image featured an orange placed on a pile of washcloths on her bathroom counter. “Tune in tomorrow for...shower oranges,” she captioned the pic. “If you know you know.”

screen shot 2021 01 26 at 8 33 34 am

We’re clearly not the only ones who thought the post was odd considering Ripa shared another pic adding, “The strangest thing I’ve ever done for the show and that’s saying something.”

screen shot 2021 01 26 at 8 33 51 am

The All My Children alum teased the topic again this morning by sharing a new photograph—this time, featuring the orange fully peeled—with the caption, “Today! Shower oranges.”

screen shot 2021 01 26 at 8 34 06 am

If you’re unfamiliar, shower oranges are just another bizarre internet craze created on Reddit back in 2016. One user posted a comment calling shower oranges “the best feel-good thing you can ever experience.” And, as usual, the internet took the idea and ran with it and before we knew it, showers across the world were full of citrus. One of PureWow’s own even tried eating an orange in the shower to see what all the hype was about..

As promised, an orange was carefully placed right in front of Ripa on her desk today. And we can’t wait to hear about her life-changing experience.

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