Kelly Ripa Points Out Major Change to ‘Live’ Since Husband Mark Consuelos Started

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A huge revelation has dawned on Kelly Ripa—and she suspects it has everything to do with her husband and Live co-host, Mark Consuelos.

On yesterday's episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the 52-year-old author revealed that she noticed a big difference in the audience demographic after her husband signed on to co-host. She said, "I don’t know if it’s the Consuelos effect on this show, but since you’ve been here, there have been a ton of men in the audience."

Ripa also joked, “This used to be a safe space for women. There was an entirely female audience and once in a while, a husband would sit very silently, afraid to move.”

Consuelos added that husbands who used to attend were probably “making up for something,” to which Ripa replied, “He was in trouble. He was being punished.”

Ripa also recalled how surprised she was when male fans came up to Mark at a recent wrestling event, where she assumed no one would recognize them. She said, "I'm thinking, this is a guy event. It's gonna be all guys, nobody is gonna know us there, we're gonna move freely."

“But literally, every man in that crowd came over to Mark and said, ‘Are you OK? Are you doing OK?’ Because they watch the show and they saw Mark get taken down,” Ripa continued, referencing the episode where Consuelos went up against Mason Parris.

To that, Consuelos said, “This is a safe place for women. But now, this is also a safe place for men. That’s how we should brand the show.” But Ripa wasn't having it. After rolling her eyes, she said sarcastically, “Yes, thank God there’s a safe place for men, finally!”

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Nearly two months ago, Live with Kelly and Ryan officially changed to Live with Kelly and Mark when Ripa's husband permanently took over as the new co-host of the daytime talk show. And as sad as we were to see Seacrest go, we'll admit, Ripa and her beau have been the ultimate dream team, from pre-show PDA to wrestling demonstrations.

Something tells us their new demographic is in for plenty more fun surprises.

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