Mark Consuelos Loses it on Live TV After Wife Kelly Ripa’s Comments About Netflix

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the American Songbook Gala.
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Are we the only ones who didn’t know Netflix still had their DVD delivery service? Apparently, Live morning show host Kelly Ripa didn’t know either and she had (by far) the best response to learning this piece of info. 

On a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Ripa, 52, and her husband/hosting partner, Mark Consuelos, 52, talked about the media company’s rental service, which dates back as far as 1998. The DVD mailing service, which currently delivers movie and television show discs to customers’ doorsteps, will send its last disc on September 29, 2023 (per NPR).

In a video clip shared on Live’s Instagram page, the Riverdale alum shared with viewers that the DVD-by-mail service will officially be coming to an end. In complete disbelief, Ripa asks, “Wait a minute. Netflix is still sending out discs?” Consuelos is just as surprised as his wife, saying, “Right? Who knew?” 

Ripa (still in shock) jokingly replies, “It’s like, you know, when you find out somebody’s dead that you thought was dead a long time ago. And then it’s the surprise [and] the double shock.” Meanwhile, Consuelos can’t stop laughing at his wife’s astute comparison. “I know exactly what you’re saying,” he says while laughing hysterically.

Live fans had way too many questions about the streamer’s DVD rental service. For example, one person commented underneath the post, “I was surprised to see they still had the discs.” Another fan asked, “Who’s ever used this service?”

This is just one of the many playful moments Ripa and Consuelos have had on Live. Last week, Consuelos shared a funny photo of the couple attempting to do couples yoga on the show. 

In an Instagram post, the pair is having a blast in various yoga poses together. The All My Children alum wrote in the caption, “Teamwork!!! It’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.”

OK, we want to know: Who still uses the Netflix rental mailing service?

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