Kelly Ripa Just Gave Herself a Haircut (with Mark Consuelos as Moral Support)

Kelly Ripa is having quite the beauty journey during this quarantine. From using her daughter's self-tanner as makeup to enlisting her help with styling her hair (using tips she learned from a TikTok video, no less), there hasn't been much Kelly hasn't tried.

And on Monday's Live with Kelly and Ryan, her husband, Mark Consuelos filled in for Ryan Seacrest, as they discussed her latest DIY beauty project: an at-home haircut.

"We obviously don’t have haircutting scissors. I cut my own hair. I didn’t cut bangs, because that’s..." Kelly began, before Mark jumped in saying, "I would have stopped you." Mark admitted that he was nervous about Kelly's DIY haircut because she didn't have sharp scissors at home, but was relieved that she didn't give herself bangs. "I was ready to jump in case you went across the bang."

Meanwhile, Mark has also been experimenting with his grooming and has grown a full mustache to mixed reviews from his family. Kelly approved, saying she liked it "both ways," while their children aren't fans of the look, saying that he resembled "an aging porn star." 

Ah, gotta love the brutal honesty between family members. 

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