Kelly Ripa’s WFH Makeup Consists of Just One Product (Borrowed From Her Daughter)

Stars, they're just like us—at least when it comes to their quarantine beauty routines. Case in point: Kelly Ripa revealed during an Instagram Live yesterday that her daily look has largely consisted of self-tanner. 

As she told Tiler Peck, a Principal Dancer for the New York City Ballet during the Live conversation: "I keep putting on my daughter’s self-tanner, thinking that will help. All of my clothes, all of my hair products, and all of my makeup is locked in the studio, which is closed because of everything that is going on. So now I’m just [using] an 18-year-old's self-tanner."

Ripa isn't just relying on her daughter's makeup; she's also resorted to borrowing her clothes. While hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan remotely last week, she told her co-host Ryan Seacrest that she's running out of things to wear while working from home. "I’m now in my daughter’s clothes. It’s gone there.” Ripa also admitted to letting her daughter style her hair, using tips she picked up on TikTok. Talk about mother-daughter bonding. 

A final note for anyone who wants to take a page from Ripa's book and self-tan: "Always remove all make-up and lightly exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub beforehand," advises Sophie Evans, Skin Finishing Expert for St. Tropez. Any surface oils or dead skin cells that are sitting on top will prevent the self-tanner from developing properly. 

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