Kelly Ripa’s New ‘Live’ Co-Host Today Is a *Very* Familiar Face

Ryan Seacrest may be out today, but Kelly Ripa was joined by someone who certainly doesn’t need an introduction to longtime watchers of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

In a new video posted on the Live IG Story, Ripa (dressed all in black) eagerly waits off-stage and her surprise co-host stands beside her, completely hidden from view. 

When the pre-show applause starts to get louder, the morning talk show host walks out and she’s holding the arm of the one and only show announcer, Deja Vu!

Kelly Ripa Deja Vu Live CAT
Live with Kelly and Ryan/Instagram

Both of them joyfully walk out on stage together and when they get to the infamous desk, Ripa holds out the chair for Deja Vu to sit and she gladly accepts. In another update later shared to the Live page, the co-hosts posed for a picture with today’s special guest, who happened to be The X-Files alum David Duchovny.

As far as we know, this is the first time Deja Vu has sat in as a guest co-host on Live. Last year, Ripa and Seacrest welcomed the radio and television personality as the show’s official announcer. At the time, the producers shared a BTS clip of the new announcer saying the phrase we’ve come to know all too well: “And now, here are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest!”

We would love to see Deja Vu serve as a guest host on Live more often!

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