Ryan Seacrest Brings Kelly Ripa to Tears on Live TV with Surprise Gift

Ryan Seacrest just proved he knows his longtime pal and television co-host, Kelly Ripa, very well. In honor of her latest milestone, Seacrest presented her with a heartfelt gift, that brought Ripa to the brink of tears.

On Thursday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa rang in her 30th anniversary with the Walt Disney Company and ABC. The 50-year-old actress marked the occasion with mini-reunions and celebratory champagne. But if that wasn’t enough, Seacrest pulled out the big guns and surprised the mother of three with a special gift.

The producers of the show shared a video of the American Idol alum leaving the set and running through the streets of NYC while Ripa watched from a screen.

“Well, I ran down to Central Park because we obviously know how much you love it here and that you love to run through Central Park,” Seacrest says in the clip. “I am out of breath. I got one red light thank goodness. To help celebrate your thirtieth anniversary with the company, we wanted to give you something very special that will always be here in one of your favorite places.”

He continues, “So, to commemorate the endless entertainment you have given all of us over the 30 years, we have for you, your very own bench.” The 45-year-old television personality then walks over and takes a seat on the bench before reading aloud the inscription: “For Kelly Ripa, TV icon and lover of NYC’s iconic park, congrats on 30 years with the Walt Disney Company.”

Of course, the gesture absolutely shocked Ripa, who was at a loss for words back at the Live set. “I am blown away,” she said. “Thank you so much. I am crying I am so touched.”

Way to go, Ryan. This is much better than the hen bag.