Kelly Clarkson Reveals Major *Musical* Details About Her New Talk Show (Including What She Plans to Sing)

Kelly Clarkson just confirmed that her upcoming talk show will have a musical component…but it’s not what you think.

In honor of the premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show on September 9, the 37-year-old singer is opening up about what to expect from the NBC-syndicated series. While each episode will feature a different celebrity guest, Clarkson also confirmed that she’ll open each show with a live performance, so she can feel in her “element.”

“We start every show with a song. So, I’m covering an artist I really like, and I’m in my element, so I’m comfortable,” she told E! News. “By the time I get down here, it became very easy.”

However, don’t expect her to kick off the show with a modern-day rendition of “Since U Been Gone.” Clarkson warned fans that she’s only covering songs by other artists, since she doesn’t feel comfortable promoting her own music.

“I feel like a tool covering myself on my own show,” she joked. “I love artists, and I’ve been covering people on tour for over a decade. And it’s kind of the thing that goes viral with my tour, so we thought to incorporate it here.”

The singer went on to say that The Kelly Clarkson Show isn’t geared toward a specific demographic, adding, “I don’t care who you’re in love with. I don’t care what your gender is. I don’t care your race, your religion. Everyone is welcome and there’s not a lot of moments like that on TV. And I want to be that moment.”

Bless you, Kelly Clarkson.

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