Keke Palmer Describes 'Hustlers' Co-Star Jennifer Lopez in One Word

PureWow sat down with Keke Palmer recently to celebrate her new partnership with Olay—one of many exciting projects she has in the works. Palmer was also just announced as the co-host of Good Morning America and she has a new movie, Hustlers, coming out next week.

Hustlers follows a group of street-smart exotic dancers as they band together against their Wall Street clients. (The movie is based on a true story that appeared in New York magazine in 2015.) Palmer describes the movie as “fun in all ways,” adding that, “It has heart and you get to see women who are doing their thing and taking back their power in the way they want.”

When asked to describe her co-stars in one word, she said that Jennifer Lopez is a total "boss." (No surprises there.) She says Constance Wu is “artistic,” and gives a memorable performance. “She’s great in her other work as well, but I really loved watching her in this film. You follow her character and really believe in her and want her to win.” As for Lili Reinhart? “She’s the sweetest, kindest person, but has a little edge, too. I think it’s the Virgo in her.”

Hustlers is in theaters September 13 nationwide.

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