Kate Middleton Reveals the Sweet Nickname George and Charlotte Have for Prince William

Cath, Gan-Gan, My Love…and who can forget Tungsten?! The royals are no strangers to a good (read: kooky) nickname.

As it turns out, there’s another favorite moniker the royals use behind closed palace doors, according to Kate Middleton. While speaking with a few attendees of the Leicester football stadium tribute honoring the tragic helicopter crash in 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that Prince George, 6, and Princess Charlotte, 5, have a sweet nickname for their ol’ man: “Pops.”

Season ticket holder Fiona Sturgess said she spoke with the duchess, per The Daily Mail. “Kate said that William was playing football with the children last night and one of them said, I think it was George, ‘Are you playing football tomorrow, Pops?’”

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However, Prince William isn’t the only one with nicknames around the Cambridge household. Last May (we’re talking 2019), Will revealed his nickname for his daughter Charlotte.

In a video shared by Kensington Palace, the Duke of Cambridge is seen palling around with his kids in Kate Middleton's newly designed RHS Back to Nature Garden and he calls Charlotte over to give him a push on the rope swing. But if you listen closely, he doesn't say Charlotte—he says Mignonette.

If you’re confused (as we were), Mignonette (from mignon) translates to “small, sweet and delicate.” So basically, Prince William is referring to his daughter as "cutie." *Insert awws here*

So, His Royal Majesty on first greeting, and Pops every time thereafter?


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