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If we ever got the chance to meet a member of the royal family, we’d probably pee our pants and forget our own name. (We’re kind of royally obsessed, if you haven’t noticed.)

Luckily, the palace has us covered, because they know it can be intimidating to meet someone famous (not to mention British royalty). During a charity event today in South Yorkshire, the palace passed out royal protocol cards on how to address Prince William and Kate Middleton…and even included a handy pronunciation guide.

The laminated white card is a cheat sheet for how to properly address the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: “Your Royal Highness” on first greeting, followed by “Sir” or “Ma’am,” and says to attendees that Kate’s address should rhyme with the word “tram.” It also notes that Kate and William would offer their hand first if they wished to shake hands (which is probably the rule that’s broken the most, if we had to guess). It also stated that attendees need not bow or curtsy, but that a respectful lowering of the head is appropriate.

Prince William seemed a little embarrassed and joked that they’d have to update the cards, according to People. “He just laughed about it,” Chelsea Jenkins, who attended the event, said. 

TBH, we kind of want our own protocol cards to carry around: “Ruler of the Office Realms on first greeting, please.”

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