Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Total Pros at This Popular Game (& We’ve Got Video Proof)

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently joined a few students for a virtual game of Pictionary—and it was just as entertaining as you’d expect.

To mark the one-year anniversary of their royal tour in Pakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined teachers and students from the Islamabad Model College for Girls to play a few rounds of the popular game.

The video clip started off with the royal couple correctly guessing the first drawing, which was a birthday party. Then, the ladies drew a cricket match, which the pair was able to guess in a matter of seconds.

While Prince William has proven to be quite the pro at guessing, he confessed that drawing is not his best skill. During the game, he said, "I'm very glad you guys are drawing and we're not having to draw." 

The comment was followed up by a question about whether or not they enjoy drawing as a hobby, to which William replied, "Yes, definitely. We both like a little bit of drawing." However, he admitted that Middleton (who, BTW, has studied art history) is much better at it. He added, "Catherine is very good. I am really bad." 

The duchess then teased that he simply doesn't practice enough, to which William replied, "I don't practice enough, that's very true."

The virtual call took place just a year after the royal couple visited students and staff members at the school during their previous tour. During the chat, they discussed school updates and how everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic

Towards the end of the one-minute clip, Middleton told the teachers, "You're doing an amazing job, particularly now when things have been so difficult, you're a real lifeline to families out there, so congratulations on all the hard work." 

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