Kate Middleton’s Kids Have Adopted a Rather Interesting Habit from Their Grandma, Camilla

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It's true what they say. Children are indeed like sponges—and Kate Middleton's kids have recently soaked up a rather interesting eating habit from their grandmother, Camilla Parker Bowles.

During her visit to a school in Slough, England, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed that, when it comes to snacking, she opts for much a healthier choice. She told a group of students, "I tell you what I really like–eating peas straight from the garden. If you take them straight from the pod they are delicious and really sweet."

The duchess went on to admit that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have also taken a liking to peas—and it has a lot to do with their steady trips to their grandparents' garden, which includes fresh produce. She continued: "I take all my grandchildren down to the garden and they spend hours and hours eating peas." TBH, that sounds like a dream come true for any parent who has begrudgingly tried to feed their kids veggies.

The duchess and her husband are known for having a massive garden on their property, but due to the COVID pandemic, the farming industry suffered a major hit.

In May, Prince Charles made a public call for the community to help farmers harvest crops, and during his announcement, fans caught a glimpse of the infamous garden in Gloucestershire. He said, "Food does not happen by magic. It all begins with our remarkable farmers and growers. If the last few weeks have proven anything, it is that food is precious and valued and it cannot be taken for granted."

With role models like these, It's no wonder Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already obsessed with healthy snacking.  

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